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Developement release:

No, no, we haven't mixed the numbers. You can find all previous devel releases on the project page. I didn't write about them, because the time between each rlease was short.

That release is special. It includes sound support with first version of intro and outro music. Next time there should be more music in the background of the game in some sound effects. We'll see.

The other big change is that the developers team has grown up. Let me list the current state:

  • nell
  • Blacky
  • Lion
  • Patrick
  • Ross
  • Bluszcz
  • Basse

Check if you can compile that devel rlease.

If anyone could help with making windows version using mingw32 under Linux I would be very gratefull.

06-02-2003 (nell)
New development release:

This release brings many improvements in the part of engine responsible for shooting missiles and killing creatures. New animations, especialy great Patrick's dying angel fish animation.

And, what is very important, first time we attached binaries for windows in this release. You can download the *win32*.zip package, unpack it, and run eounicorn.exe!

28-04-2002 (nell)
Development release:

Well, we are back again after a long, long break.
This time Lion took the whole developement into his hands and made some of his brilliant ideas come true.

Greatest thanks to him, and very sorry that he has to leave the project team.

This release is very rough, not much playable for users, but it contains a great potential to be used in the nearest future.

The biggest needs for now are:

  1. my comming up with Lion's work
  2. further code developement
  3. improved and new animations
  4. consist graphics design of whole levels
  5. sound support

Any ideas and help (especialy with graphics) is deadly wanted :)

01-02-2003 (nell)

Development release:

In this version the gameplay has been fixed. Previously the whole level: the map and the obejcts were automaticaly generated. That was the reason, that player could hardly go through the half of the level... Now we have preapared much less crowded caves :)

What technicaly has been changed:

  • Each object has an alignment, that determines which objects will interact with one another. It means that player's enemies don't kill each other, how it was previously.
  • Fonts support.
  • FPS counter (if you have a minute, please send us the fps result).
  • The player can drop bombs (use <left alt>).
You can also let us know, how difficult for you is to win the game.
Good luck and happy escaping!

Oh, I would forget! We've run the CVS repository with success. We do not use patches any more. The CVS tree is the most recent version of the game. Feel free to check out the CVS repository through anonymous (pserver) CVS. See the exact instruction on the main page.

And one more thing: we attached the binary win32 package in this release. So you can play the game under Windows. Please, report any problems with this version. It will help us to fix it in the future.

18-05-2002 (nell)

Development release:

It is so quickly after the stable version, because some new features has been made by Lion and haven't been included in the stable release. This is the base of our nearest work.

03-05-2002 (nell)
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